About TENS

What does TENS mean?

It is an abbreviation for Trancutaneous Nerve Electrical Stimulation

What is TENS therapy?

TENS has been advocated for over 40 years by medical professionals such as physical therapists and chiropractors for relieving aches and pains. It is a drug-free and prescription-free solution that patients can self-administer. One can titrate dosage as required as there is no potential for overdose as there are few side effects or drug interactions. Effects are generally rapid in onset and offset, so patients are encouraged to use as and when needed.

How does it work?

Three lines of evidence indicate how TENS therapy relieves pain. The low-voltage electric current delivered via electrodes blocks pain impulses in underlying nerves. These gentle electrical pulses also increase the production of the body’s natural pain killers, such as endorphins. Finally, electrical stimulation improves blood circulation.

What does TENS feel like?

Typically patients feel a sensation of tingling, tapping, buzzing or muscle twitching. Patients may habituate to the sensation over time.

How to Get Started?

Your PainX™ TENS is equipped with 6 therapy modes. We recommend that you initially experiment using all modes. The mode or a combination of modes that gives you the most desirable sensation and comfort is the most appropriate one to use for your desired therapy session.

What intensity level to set on PainX™ TENS ?

TENS should not hurt. Simply set it to a setting that is strong but comfortable.

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