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Soterix Medical Launches MxN-GO EEG System for Wire-free HD-tES and EEG

New York City – Apr 30, 2024

Soterix Medical Inc., the global leader in non-invasive brain stimulation and synergistic monitoring technologies, announced the launch of MxN-GO EEG, a combined High Definition transcranial Electrical Stimulation (HD-tES) and EEG system with a unique untethered design. The system is intended for research applications requiring electrical stimulation and recording of brain activity in mobile and natural environments. The MxN-GO EEG features a lightweight, wire-free design for rapid set-up and ease of use. With 33 stimulation channels and 32 recording channels, the system provides unparalleled precision and application-specific targeting.

Soterix Medical, the pioneers in HD-tDCS/HD-tES, collaborated with mBrainTrain, the experts in research-grade mobile EEG, to create the ultimate solution for mobile hybrid stimulation/EEG studies.

HD-tES is an exclusive neuromodulation technology developed by Soterix Medical Inc. HD-tES is made possible through innovations in electrode design allowing safe and tolerated passage of current through proprietary "High-Definition" electrodes, individualized brain current-flow modeling and through patented targeting algorithms indicating how to place and energize HD-electrodes on the head.

Dr. Abhishek Datta, CEO of Soterix Medical commented "Soterix Medical was founded in 2008 to develop HD-tES as the first transcranial system capable of brain targeting with weak electrical stimulation. The MxN-GO EEG solution combines into one product our 16 years of leadership and innovation in High-Definition with the unmatched mobile EEG collection expertise of mBrain Train."

Dr. Ivan Gligorijevic, CEO of mBrainTrain commented "mBrainTrain and Soterix Medical engineers collaborated closely to develop the first wire-free wearable device with uncompromised EEG and HD-tES capabilities. For any application requiring high-quality EEG and rigorous stimulation control in a mobile platform, the MxN-GO EEG is the standard. We are excited to be moving the boundaries of brain therapy research and neuroscience together."

Dr. Datta adds, "Researchers and clinician-scientists recognize that brain science and medicine advancements increasingly depend on combining brain modulation and recording. And, moreover, that reproducibility and rigor absolutely depend on the quality of the equipment used. The MxN-GO EEG represents the state-of-the-art integrated EEG and HD-tES capabilities, in a remarkable wearable platform."

Researchers interested in learning more about the MxN-GO EEG system can contact Soterix Medical at or visit for more information.

CAUTION: Soterix Medical HD-tDCS / HD-tES platform is limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use only.

See full press release here.

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