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Research Systems

Soterix Medical was founded to support the science of non-invasive electrical stimulation. Our stimulation systems are the only technology designed and optimized for advanced and reliable neuromodulation. From exclusive High-Definition systems, Neurotargeting planning software, to the incredibly adaptable 1x1 platform, researchers choose Soterix Medical when stimulation quality cannot be compromised.

4x1m1 HD Device, Soterix Research System

Clinical Systems

Soterix Medical is committed to provide patients and physicians the most advanced, user-friendly, and effective neuromodulation treatments. Our clinical tDCS platforms are the only system to incorporate the latest, most robust technology. Unique electrode and head-gear snap-in technology make consistent and comfortable stimulation “a snap” for patient and care-givers.

Soterix Clinical Systems image


Soterix Medical is the leader in transcranial technology. Professionals trust Soterix Medical technology to provide the highest standard of research and clinical grade systems.


Our award-winning customer support team is expert in providing guidance though every administrative process and challenge - from research design support to clinical deployment.


Soterix Medical is driven by the desire to reduce the burden of disease with systems optimized for every individual. In advanced neuromodulation, one size does not fit all.