Wireless High Definition transcranial Electrical Stimulation (HD-tES) and EEG

The ultimate collaboration between Soterix Medical, the pioneers in High Definition transcranial Electrical Stimulation,
and mBrainTrain, the experts in research grade mobile EEG.

Soterix Medical MXN-GO EEG Wireless High Definition transcranial Electrical Stimulation (HD-tES) and EEG device

Achieve unparalleled precision and application-specific targeting with up to 33 stimulation channels and 32 recording channels

Soterix Medical developed HD-tES in 2008 as the first transcranial system capable of targeting the brain with weak electrical stimulation. HD-tES broke conventional thinking that only high-power magnetic or implanted electrodes could achieve focality. Pairing with neurotargeting software (HD-Explore and HD-Targets), operators can determine optimal electrode placement and individual electrode current for any application. HD-tES provides scalability, flexibility, simultaneous multiple-region targeting, sub-gyri targeting, and more. Similarly, the mBrainTrain team has continued to break barriers by demonstrating that research-grade EEG signal collection is possible, wirelessly. Their SMARTING solutions are now recognized as the de facto go-to option for the best fully mobile, wearable solution.

Fully untethered compact design for ease-of-use in the lab and on the GO

Why untethered? Why “GO”? In advanced neuromodulation and neuromonitoring “one solution does not fit all”.

For applications requiring electrical stimulation and brain activity recording in a natural environment, use-cases that need subjects to don the system easily and anywhere, the GO solution makes it possible. Leveraging Soterix Medical’s unmatched experience in developing high precision multi-channel stimulation waveforms and mbraintrain’s industry leading research-grade EEG collection, researchers can now plan next-generation hybrid stimulation / EEG studies. The system is lightweight, allows rapid set-up, and is simple to use.

Next level research grade specifications ensure the highest standards in data collection

Seamlessly control and monitor experiments with simple-to-use software

The key to seamless stimulation and EEG monitoring applications, is a unified software interface. The user interface allows intuitive selection of stimulation and monitoring parameters reflecting our commitment to high usability. The logic and sequence of operation are specifically tailored for easy and simple set-up of protocols.

State-of-the-art, all-inclusive solution for wireless brain stimulation and monitoring


Bluetooth 5.0 ensures a stable wireless connection, maintaining exceptional signal quality with 24-bit resolution, less than 1μV input referred noise, and common mode rejection exceeding 140 dB.

Dedicated HD-tES and EEG Electrodes

Experience optimized performance with dedicated HD-tES and EEG electrodes, seamlessly housed in a single holder for streamlined application and reliable signal acquisition.

Bipolar electrodes

4 channels are configurable and can be used for ExG recordings (separate cap needed).

Same HD Electrodes, different system

The MXN-GO EEG system leverages usage of High-Definition electrodes, the fundamental innovation of HD-tES. In combination, with a specially designed electrode holder and HD-GEL, users are able to deliver safe and tolerated stimulation- every time.

Automatic artifacts removal with ASR

Integrated automatic real-time artifact removal based on the Artifact Subspace Reconstruction algorithm (ASR). While the algorithm is running, the raw data are also available.

Extended Battery Life and Lightning-Fast Charging

Empower your HD-tES and EEG experiments with sustained battery life, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation throughout your sessions. Rapid charging capabilities ensure swift power restoration, keeping you focused on breakthrough research and seamless monitoring.


The Soterix Medical MxN-GO EEG system can be combined with our HD-Accessories and unique MxN-MRI kit for MR compatible stimulation. These complete kits provide an easy solution for full integration of our MxN-GO EEG stimulator* with MRI/fMRI. The setup is rated to be compatible with any sequence in a 7T machine in Normal and First Level modes.

Soterix Medical Engineers have designed the MRI/fMRI accessories while keeping in mind the subject’s safety, stimulation tolerability, and the operator's ease of use. The unique setup uses filters through the patch panel for exceptional RF noise control, providing unmatched reliability. Learn more...

*MRI compatibility pertains exclusively to stimulation; the EEG feature is not MRI compatible.

Device Specifications


  • Number of Channels
    Up to 32
  • Impedance
    1 GΩ
  • Motion Unit
    Built-in 9D inertial motion unit
  • Input Referred Noise
    <1 μV
  • Input Range
    ±100 mV
  • CMMR
    >140 dB
  • Sampling Frequency
    Up to 2,000 Hz
  • Resolution
    24 bits
  • ExG Channels


  • Wireless Communications
    Bluetooth 5.0
  • Bluetooth Range
    10 meters
  • Triggering
    Wireless: LSL/UDP;
    tethered: 1-bit TTL, 8-bit UART trigger
  • Power Supply
    USB-C rechargeable battery
  • Battery Type
    Li-Polymer Battery, 2,500 mAh, 3.7 V
  • Battery life
    6 hours
  • Simultaneous HD-tES and EEG
    Yes (same location not recommended)


  • Number of Channels
    Up to 33
  • Stimulation Waveforms
    tDCS, tACS, tRNS, Amplitude Modulation, and Arbitrary
  • Intensity
    Adjustable ±3 mA per channel (0.01 mA resolution),
    10 mA total
  • Duration
    Adjustable 10-7,200 sec (1 sec resolution)
  • Ramp Duration
    Adjustable 0-127 sec (1 sec resolution)
  • Frequency
    Adjustable from 0.001-5,000 Hz (0.001 Hz res.)
  • Double Blinding
  • Max Compliance Voltage
    ±15 V per channel
  • Max Number of Samples (Arbitrary Mode)
    32K samples per channel