Neurotargeting Software

Optimize current delivery to targeted brain regions.

Optimization of electrode montage for brain targeting and individual subject customization has never been as easy as with Soterix Medical's Neurotargeting software. With recognition that placing an electrode "over" a target does not support rational tDCS dose design, the Soterix Medical suite of software tools allow simple and automatic optimization. Optimized dose can then be used to configure your Soterix tDCS and HD-tDCS stimulator. The Soterix Neurotargeting software also provides high-resolution current flow visualization that can be used to support publications, presentations and proposals.

What is Neurotargeting?

Neurotargeting is not neuronavigation. Neuronavigation assists in the placing of electrodes or coils "over" brain regions. Neurotargeting automatically pre-determines the optimal electrode placement based on clinician-identified brain targets and subject specific anatomy. The electrode montage (based on EEG 10/10) parameters can then be programmed into Soterix Medical stimulators to achieve optimal brain current flow. Soterix Medical image processing captures true 1 mm anatomical resolution and cortical folding while custom current-flow optimization provides the precise, best configuration. Neurotargeting yields a true optimized stimulation montage and the high-resolution current flow visualization to prove it.

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Better Outcomes. Easy as

Not a coder? No experience with computer modeling? Not a problem. Soterix Medical Neurotargeting software uses an intuitive graphic user interface that has just three easy steps. Soterix Medical biomedical engineers are available for unlimited hands-on customer support because you can’t leverage what you can't use.

Flexible electrode placement

In advanced neuromodulation design, software and hardware that allows arbitrary placement of HD electrodes on the head is required. Precision of montage matters critically, which is why stimulation software and supporting hardware must provide user with flexibility and precision in control.
Don’t be confused by copycat hardware and software that provides neither flexibility nor precision. State of the art neurotargeting software and hardware, with flexibility and precision, exclusively from the industry leader in non-invasive electrical stimulation, brought to you by Soterix Medical.

Individually optimized therapy with Neurotargeting Software

tDCS is a highly versatile and adaptable treatment. Soterix tDCS stimulators and accessories can be simply customized to address a range of clinical needs. An important clinical challenge is the optimization of stimulation protocols, including addressing disease specific and/or patient specific needs.

Every Soterix Medical Neurotargeting software is enabled for individual optimization of current flow. Using Soterix Medical solutions, simply upload subject-specific MRIs and the corresponding current flow head model will then appear inside the subject select drop-down menu in your software. It is that easy to consider how variations in your subjects' anatomy may influence current flow. Then combine this with Soterix Medical Neurotargeting to optimize electrode montage. For each of the four stroke subjects below, see how optimized Soterix HD-tDCS dosage delivers current to target regions (black circle) as opposed to conventional stimulation.

Soterix Medical Case Use 4

High-Definition tACS with Neurotargeting: “Working memory in older adults and synchronized rhythmic brain circuits”.

Soterix Medical Case Use reports are provided for information purpose only and the original publications should be consulted for comprehensive details.

Caution! Investigational Device. Federal (or the United States) law limits the device to investigational use


Breakthrough Features: Unique Capabilities

Researchers at the City University of New York invented the hardware and software for the only non-invasive low-intensity targeted electrical stimulation platform: High-Definition tES (HD-tES). HD-tES hardware and software systems are exclusively produced by Soterix Medical.

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Better Technology: Real Outcomes

Used in hundreds of published trials, Soterix Medical technology is the most capable and trusted non-invasive neuromodulation technology. For example, researchers at NYU School of Medicine measured intra-cranial voltages in humans, validating current flow models by using Soterix Medical Neurotargeting software. Soterix Medical hardware has been evaluated across hundreds of thousands of sessions making it the only choice when reproducibility and tolerability cannot be compromised.


Better science: Real Impact

Reported in Nature Neuroscience “Working memory revived in older adults by synchronizing rhythmic brain circuits.” Investigators leverage exclusive Soterix Medical HD-tES hardware guided by Neurotargeting software. Only Soterix Medical technology allows non-invasive targeting with precise waveform control. New York Times reports “To Improve Memory, Tune It Like an Orchestra”.

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Caution! Investigational Device. Federal (or United States) law limits device to investigational use.