Neurotargeting Software

Optimize current delivery to targeted brain regions.

Optimization of electrode montage for brain targeting and individual subject customization has never been as easier as with Soterix Medical's Neurotargeting software. With recognition that placing an electrode "over" a target does not support rational tDCS dose design, the Soterix Medical suite of software tools allow simple and automatic optimization. Optimized dose can then be used to configure your Soterix tDCS and HD-tDCS stimulator. Soterix Neurotargeting software also provides high-resolution current flow visualization that can be used to support publications, presentations and proposals.

What is Neurotargeting?

Neurotargeting is not neuronavigation. Neuronavigation assists in the placing of electrodes or coils "over" brain regions. Neurotargeting automatically pre-determines the optimal electrode placement based on clinician identified brain targets and subject specific anatomy. The electrode montage (based on EEG 10/10) parameters can then be programmed into Soterix Medical stimulators to achieve optimal brain current flow. Soterix Medical image processing captures true 1 mm anatomical resolution and cortical folding while custom current-flow optimization provides the precise best configuration. Neurotargeting yields a true optimized stimulation montage and the high-resolution current flow visualization to prove it.

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Better Outcomes. Easy as

Not a coder? No experience with computer modeling? Not a problem. Soterix Medical Neurotargeting software uses a intuitive graphic user interface, and every software has just three easy steps. And Soterix Medical biomedical engineers are available for unlimited hands-on customer support. Because you can’t leverage what you can't use.

HDexplore: The only stand-along software to model any tDCS, tACS, or HD-tDCS montage

Soterix Medical Neurotargeting Software allows user to stimulate any transcranial Electrical Stimulation montage. You decide the number of electrodes and current. Simply position electrodes relative to EEG 10/10 or any intermediate scalp or neck positions. Use our standard head library or import your own anatomical scans. Arbitrary electrode montages and head models: exclusively from Soterix Medical Neurotargeting Software.

HD-explore™ 3.0 with tDCS emulation

Rationally plan HD-tDCS, tDCS and tACS clinical trials

Only from Soterix Medical, HD-Explore allows clinicians and researchers to investigate brain targeting for your own HD configurations. HD-Explore allows clinicians and researchers to rationally plan HD protocols.

  • Combine HD-Explore with Soterix Solutions for individualized analysis
  • And with HD-Targets to automatically calculate optimized targets
  • Use HD-Explore to explore HD 4x1 stimulation or any HD montage
  • HDExplore comes with the “Standard 1” adult head and (version 3.0) the MNI head. You can load additional library heads at any time and even send SMI your subjects’ anatomical MRI for custom modeling loaded right into HDexplore”.

Update: With the new HDexplore 3.0 release, tDCS-explore and tACS modeling is now emulated within HD-explore in one easy to use and flexible software. This means you can use your HD-explore software for any HD-tDCS or conventional tDCS/tACS montage - in one simple and intuitive software.

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Compatible with all HD-tDCS devices

HD-Explore 1, 2, 3

NEW with Version 3.0: Simulate any tDCS or tACS montage with HD-Explore

Another innovation form Soterix Medical Neurotargeting. Users on HD-explore can now emulate any conventional (pad) tDCS/tACS montage: any number of pad, any shape and size, and position on the head. HD-explore allows you to simply select a set of HD-electrodes that cover the same region as the emulated pad to re-create brain current flow produced by the pad. Simulate any existing or new tDCS/tACS montage. And combine any number of tDCS/tACS or HD-tDCS electrodes with any current. The limit is your imagination.


Non-invasive brain targeting software

Soterix Medical introduces a revolution in non-invasive brain targeting and specificity. HDTargets™ automatically determines the best HD configuration for any brain target. Targeting in three easy steps:

  • Choose the number of current sources – 4, 8, or 16 electrodes
  • Pick the field orientation (Radial, Tangential, and more) and Optimization Criteria (max focality or max intensity)
  • Choose your desired brain target from over 1100 Talairach locations.

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Compatible with all HD-tDCS devices

HD-Targets 1, 2, 3


Rationally plan tDCS clinical trials

Only from Soterix Medical, tDCS-Explore allows clinicians and researchers to investigate brain targeting for your own tDCS configurations. tDCS-Explore allows clinicians and researchers to rationally plan tDCS protocols.

  • Combine tDCS-Explore with Soterix Solutions for individualized analysis
  • And with tDCS-Targets to automatically calculate optimized targets
  • Use tDCS-Explore to explore any tDCS montage

Update: tDCS-explore can now be bundled with HD-explore in one easy to use and flexible software

Email tDCS Explore support

Compatible with all Soterix Medical HD-tDCS devices and (version 3.0) 1x1 tDCS/tACS devices.

tDCS-Explore 1, 2, 3

Individually optimized therapy with Neurotargeting Software

tDCS is a highly versatile and adaptable treatment. Soterix tDCS stimulators and accessories can be simply customized to address a range of clinical needs. An important clinical challenge is the optimization of stimulation protocols, including addressing disease specific and/or patient specific needs.

Every Soterix Medical Neurotargeting software is enabled for individual optimization of current flow. Using Soterix Medical solutions, simply upload subject-specific MRIs and the corresponding current flow head model will then appear inside the subject select drop-down menu in your software. It is that easy to consider how variations in your subjects' anatomy may influence current flow. Then combine this with Soterix Medical Neurotargeting to optimize electrode montage. For each of the four stroke subjects below, see how optimized Soterix HD-tDCS dosage delivers current to target regions (black circle) as opposed to conventional stimulation.