Soterix Medical revolutionary software for non-invasive brain targeting and specificity.
HD-Targets™ automatically determines the best HD configuration for any brain target.

Non-invasive brain targeting software

Targeting is performed in three easy steps:

  • Choose the number of current sources – 4, 8, 16 or 32 electrodes.
  • Pick the field orientation (Radial, Tangential, and more) and Optimization Criteria (max focality or max intensity).
  • Choose your desired brain target either as a region (1100 Talairach locations, labels from the Human Connectome Project, voxel) or guided by EEG.

Compatible with all Soterix Medical HD-tDCS devices and 1×1 tDCS and tES devices.

Manual & Specifications

HD-Targets 1, 2, 3


Select the brain region you want to target or
Target source of recorded EEG


Input the number of channels on your device
Use our searchable menu on brain targets


HD-Targets automatically predicts the best montage
Use the simple tools to visualize resulting current flow through the head

Revolutionary Unique Features

EEG-Guided Targeting

One can leverage the reciprocity principle to target the source of recorded EEG. The image on the left below indicates neural activation and resulting EEG map. Using reciprocity algorithm, a corresponding optimal electrode placement to target the brain activation source can be determined. The image of the right indicates the implementation of this feature in HD-Targets. Simply load a vector of voltage values corresponding to the EEG locations. Select the number of current sources in your stimulator. Obtain Optimized Montage.

Simultaneous Multiple-region Targeting

It is known that multiple brain regions and networks are involved in the pathogenesis of certain conditions, making it rational to optimize montages that allow simultaneous targeting of these regions. In fact, it has been shown that targeting as many as 5 brain regions, require ~30 electrodes (Huang 2018). Even when targeting just 2 brain regions, fully independent waveform (e.g. frequency) control optimizes neuromodulation (Reinhart and Nguyen 2019). Now use HD-Targets (v 4.0) to perform simultaneous multi-region targeting.

Advanced Post-processing

Cutting planes

Define any plane in the 3D space by selecting appropriate angle and location via distance from center. Cut 3D volume at the plane to visualize depth activation.

Line export

Define any line in the 3D space by selecting start point and end point. Export electric field values induced along the line to a text file for further post-processing such as to perform statistical analysis.

Sphere export

Define any sphere in the 3D space by selecting a center point and then defining the radius of the sphere. Export electric field values induced within the sphere to a text file for further post-processing such as to perform statistical analysis.

Caution! Investigational Device. Federal (or United States) law limits device to investigational use.