Integration of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) and tDCS

The difference between advertised “compatibility” and rational experimental design is the combination of tDCS and fMRI, when Soterix Medical biomedical engineers contributed to analysis of scanner induced artifact. As a result, without proper integration of scanning and stimulation protocols, fundamental experimental confounds not controlled for by a sham-arm or control-montage arm are introduced. Soterix Medical biomedical engineers are ready to work with clinical researchers and their medical physics team to identify and address concerns before an expensive study is conducted, and to support researchers through every step of the study, from risk assessment (IRB), to sequence design, to evaluation of current coupling through wires and impedance load, to data analysis including spatial co-registration with current flow. In our commitment to support the highest quality tDCS research, Soterix Medical is adamant that integration with any imaging modality can be approach rationally and in a trial specific manner. We are ready to discuss how.

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fMRI imaging artifacts during tDCS in post-mortem subjects

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