Animal Direct Current and Electrical Stimulation Systems

The Soterix Medical Animal DCS/tES systems are the only device and integrated accessory sets optimized for pre-clinical research on transcranial Electrical Stimulation

Soterix Medical tDCS/tES systems are recognized as superior in human trials, where precision and control cannot be compromised. Our hardware, software, and material scientists have applied the same engineering rigor to the design of our pre-clinical stimulation systems including the Animal tDCS and tES systems. The stimulators and associated accessories are the only stimulation platform specially designed for rodent experiments based on years of experience and testing. The Animal tDCS/tES stimulators are in fact based on the clinical industry standard Soterix Medical 1x1 platform. The Animal tDCS/tES stimulators are the only systems designed for consistent and controlled current delivery, even at very low currents in the µA range.

Compromised stimulation, reliability, and precision will undermine the validity and translation of any animal study. Since mode and quality of animal tDCS/tES cannot be compromised, Soterix Medical has engineered the first complete DCS/tES devices, accessories, and connectors.

The Complete System for Animal tDCS/tES

Complete Stimulators

The Soterix Medical Animal tDCS/tES devices provides reproduction of all tDCS/tES protocols used in animal experiments and can be used for DCS/tES in tissue systems such as brain slice and culture. The devices provide a resolution of 10 µA spanning 20 µA to 1000 µA, allowing researchers ultimate flexibility in setting intensity dose. Experimental systems can provide a very wide range of potential loads, and the Animal tDCS and tES are the only systems engineered to ensure reliable stimulation, even under unexpected conditions. The devices provide a resolution of 1 min spanning 5 min to 60 min allowing researchers ultimate flexibility in setting duration dose. For any dose, a matched sham dose is enabled simply by engaging the sham switch. In addition to initiating stimulation from the devices’ front panel, the devices can be triggered to start by a trigger pulse. The Animal tES system can be triggered to stop stimulation as well.

Compromising the reliability and quality of stimulator performance, invalidates experiment outcomes. Only Soterix Medical Animal tDCS and tES are designed and validated to the same standards as human systems.

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Complete Accessories

The Soterix Medical Animal tDCS/tES system includes a range of accessories and electrodes specially designed for animal tDCS/tES. Here again, our decade of experience as the industry leader in human non-invasive neuromodulation has provided the Soterix Medical biomedical team a deep understanding of underlying electrochemical and form factor issues needed to ensure reliable experiments. Solutions are provided for both epicranial and surface stimulation. The Soterix Medical epicranial implant solution allows robust skull implantation allowing easy tDCS/tES application. The high-performance surface electrodes allow easy reproduction of all approaches used in pre-clinical research. Soterix Medical can also provide specifications for complete systems for in vitro brain slice stimulation or transwell cell culture stimulation. The Animal tDCS/tES Systems can be configured to accommodate a range of imaging and electrophysiological techniques. Contact Soterix Medical engineers and scientists for help in selecting the right accessories for your experiment. Custom solutions can also be obtained. Accessory design is informed by advanced computational models with custom models available upon request.

Soterix Medical DCS/tES compatible with brain slice stimulation chambers.

Complete systems can be configured for acute brain slice stimulation. Electrodes for in vitro and in vivo system come ready with connectors and cables for the DCS and tES devices.

Proper connectors ensure reliable and reproducible studies. Our scientific team provides support in configuring and installation of your system.

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Complete Dose Control

The montage used in pre-clinical studies must be carefully controlled. The position and size of both the main epicranial electrode, and any body electrodes used, determines current flow through the rodent. Each montage produces a very different brain current flow pattern. Soterix Medical established the use of detailed computational models to inform dose design in humans with our Neurotargeting platform and the same level of sophistication is available for pre-clinical studies. For example, applying 1mA in a small animal will produce current densities in the brain an order of magnitude, or more, about those produced in humans with 1 mA. Soterix Medical support of dose design is exactly integrated with electrode accessories and precise stimulator controls. Simply contact us at for dose design support.

Reproducible research on tDCS/tES mechanisms strictly requires rigor in DCS/tES methods in animal models. Soterix Medical biomedical science has a decade of experience spanning human and translation animal trials to help you configure the right system to address your hypothesis.

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Neurotargeting Software

Soterix Medical’s HD-Explore software for precision modeling of brain current flow during transcranial electrical stimulation includes the option to purchase a library of animal head models for optimal accuracy in pre-clinical research. Select a monkey, mouse, or rat head model and obtain a current flow simulation in three simple steps. Visualize current flow in 2D and 3D using unique features and tools such as cutting plane, line export, and sphere export.


Model Monkey Model Monkey Model Monkey Model Monkey


Model Mouse Model Mouse Model Mouse Model Mouse


Model Rat Model Rat Model Rat Model Rat

Watch a Demo

View the Soterix Medical Animal Stimulation system in action as it’s used to establish a protocol for transcranial Direct Current Stimulation in mice.

Preclinical + MRI

Soterix Medical Preclinical systems can be used in the fMRI/MRI using a unique Preclinical-MRI kit. These complete kits provide an easy solution for full integration of our Preclinical Stimulator with MRI/fMRI. The setup is rated to be compatible with any sequence in a 7T machine in Normal and First Level modes.

Soterix Medical Engineers have designed the MRI/fMRI accessories while keeping in mind the subject’s safety, stimulation tolerability, and the operator's ease of use. The unique setup uses filters through the patch panel for exceptional RF noise control, providing unmatched reliability. Learn more...

Unique Soterix Medical IFS-MRI kit


Caution! The Soterix Medical Animal tDCS and tES Stimulators are investigational devices.
Federal (or United States) law limits device to investigational use in laboratory or other tests that do not involve human subjects.