| electro-detox therapy

electro-detox therapy


Electro-detox administration involves the following 6 steps:

1) Clean and Disinfect

It is essential to throughly clean and disinfect the area of skin in order to avoid risk of infection. The cleaned area has to be absolutely dry prior to application.

2) Locating and marking the stimulation point

A transilluminator is used to locate the auricular stimulation points from the cranial nerve branches V, VII, IX, and X. Once point is located, mark with a surgical marker.

3) Fixing the Stimulation Needle with the electro-detox

Take the electro-detox out of the pack, pick up one of the snap-fit rings in the device with the help of a tweezer and fix it onto the stimulation needle. Take care to keep the snap-fit ring as straight as possible when pressing it on the stimulation needle. Repeat to connect the snap-fit rings to other needles.

4) Activating the electro-detox

Peel off the battery foil and press the battery slightly and then slide the top cover on the device. The cover will snap into place only if the recess on the cover is at the lead (conductor end).

5) Applying the electro-detox

Peel off the protective film from the electrode on the rear side of the electro-detox and place the device behind the ear. Gently take out one Stimulation needle by holding the wing sticker with the help of a tweezer. Apply the needles to the center of a marked stimulation point. Repeat the same procedure for applying other needles. Next press the holder stickers above each needle on the ear, to fix the needle in position.

6) Additional adhesive

Place the adhesive over the electro-detox control module and the wire for additional strength. Make sure that the connection point between the wire and the control module is not covered by the adhesive, as well as the hole in the top cover.

Removal and Disposal

Using the tweezers, gently pull on the tape with integrated needles. Remove the adhesive from the leads and the electro-detox. Remove any residue of adhesive around the ear. Once the electro-detox treatment is completed, dispose the device in accordance with local regulations.

Warning and Safety Instructions

It is the responsibility of every person who operates the device to be informed about the proper use of the device and its functions. Non-observance of the warnings and safety instructions may lead to injuries and infection to the user and others. If on long-term medication with blood-thinning drugs, the patient must be placed under medical observation during treatment.

The electro-detox may only be applied under the supervision of a doctor. The sterile stimulation needles are only intended for single use. The electro-detox should only be used on clean, intact skin. Any product contamination can compromise the health of the patient. If the device and /or needles become detached, they must not be refastened by the patient under any circumstances. The patient should visit his/her doctor as soon as possible in order to have the puncture point disinfected. When removing the device, it is important that care be taken to avoid contact with the needles. These needles can be separated from the electro-detox by carefully cutting through the connection leads. Direct contact with the electro-detox and water has to be avoided as water may result in destruction of the components. When showering, the device must not be allowed to come in direct contact with water.

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