Soterix Medical’s Publications

Soterix Medical has compiled all publications that were performed with our platforms. Our platforms have been used in a wide variety of publications and are categorized below. If your article is not included please let us know so we can add it immediately.

1×1 Platforms

The 1x1 platform is the most state of the art, customizable, and reliable platform for pad-based Transcranial Electrical Stimulation. The 1x1-tDCS, 1x1-tES, and 1x1-CT devices provide unique outcomes as a result of: 1) Eleven years of device innovation and optimization; 2) Open-Panel controls; 3) LTE power management, and 4) Best-in-class accessories. Modular, reliable, and fully compatible series of non-invasive electrical brain stimulation devices and accessories. The most precise and reproducible systems, customized to your trial.

REMOTE / mini-CT

Soterix Medical REMOTE Neuromodulation is the only system with device, accessories, and software designed for deployed use. Safe transcranial Electrical Stimulation requires advanced systems designed for consistency and control. REMOTE Neuromodulation is the only system designed from the ground up to allow translation of clinical tES, including tDCS protocols, to diverse deployed environments, while maintaining medical standards.

High Definition Platforms

Soterix Medical developed HD-tES as the first transcranial system capable of targeting the brain with weak electrical stimulation. HD-tES broke conventional thinking that only high-power magnetic or implanted electrodes could achieve focality. Soterix Medical has continued to innovate HD-tES by introducing Neurotargeting software for individualized programing, the first neuronavigation system for tES, and research-grade integration with EEG.

Interferential Stimulation

Soterix Medical's Interferential Stimulation system is the only integrated device and accessory set for clinical research on interferential (IF) or temporal interference (TI) stimulation.

Neurotargeting Software

Soterix Medical Neurotargeting Software, including HD-Explore™ and HD-Targets™.

The NIRSIT System

The NIRSIT and NIRSIT LITE fNIRS systems with up to 204 channels.


Soterix Medical introduces the first transcutaneous auricular vagus nerve stimulator (taVNS) and accessories specially optimized for clinical (human) brain stimulation research.

Other Soterix Medical Platforms

Additional Soterix Medical platforms, such as Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation (GVS), transcutaneous Spinal Direct Current Stimulation (tSDCS) and Animal Direct Current Stimulation (DCS).