Soterix Medical Mobile EEG

A portable EEG device for high-quality recordings and monitoring of brain activity in real-time, outside the lab. When paired with a PC, SMARTING mobi provides superior data quality with excellent temporal precision.


For convenience and simplicity in your mobile EEG research experiments.

  • Fully un-tethered
  • 5 Hours
  • 24 channel
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • Save to PC via Streamer application
  • 3D built-in Gyroscope
  • Sampling rate up to 1 kHz
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Apply neuroscience to everyday life using this powerful pioneering EEG tool.

  • Wired connection
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  • 11 channel
    SMARTFONES records with 11 channels.
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  • Save to PC via Streamer application
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Mobile, Simple to use, and Easy to Synchronize:

  • Record brain activity in un-restricted and natural environment-which means that you can carry and wear the system easily and anywhere.
  • Simple operation with obvious controls.
  • Easy insertion of markers and triggers.
  • Easy synchronization with other sensors with no need for any additional hardware. This is made possible by integrated Lab Streaming Layer(LSL) support.
Soterix Medical Mobile EEG simple to use

Lightweight, Wireless and Rapid Set-up

  • Small light-weight amplifier (< 60g ).
  • Scientists and researchers can set up the device on a PC in < 10 minutes and begin to collect high-quality data.
  • Acquired EEG data can be readily analyzed in MATLAB or EEGLAB.

High quality ERP recordings

  • High quality event-related potential (ERP) recordings outside the laboratory environment.
  • No need for hardware triggering due to high precision wireless triggering through UDP and LSL protocols.
  • Delay and jitter values obtained through the wireless protocol < 2 ms (depending on the stimulus delivery software) confirming that there is no need for hardwiring stimulus delivery. The figure on the right indicates the consistent ERPs among different trials (amplitude is color coded and 200 trials are aligned on the Y-axis) thereby attesting to the millisecond precision on the recordings.
Soterix Medical Mobile EEG High quality ERP recordings

Readiness Potential recorded with Smarting App

Soterix Medical Mobile EEG High quality ERP recordings

Visual Detection Task recorded with Smarting App

Compatible with Semi-Dry Electrodes

Semi-dry electrodes are a type of EEG recording system that uses a sponge material instead of traditional gel-based electrodes. This system requires the use of a saline solution, which helps to enhance the quality of the EEG recordings obtained. The semi-dry EEG cap is designed with the user in mind, offering a convenient and easy-to-use solution for EEG recording. In addition, this cap is unique in that it is compatible with the SMARTING platform, and does not require the user to wash their hair after the experiment has been completed. This is a major advantage compared to traditional wet electrode systems, which often require hair washing to remove the residue left behind by the gel.

Smarting mobi with semi-dry Electrtodes on model

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