Soterix Medical TMS compatible EEG

The only TMS compatible EEG option that combines validated performance with broad capabilities and flexibility

The Neuron-Spectrum 65 provides upto 39 referential channels of high-quality EEG acquisition with each channel capable of working in both AC and DC modes. The system provides continuous impedance monitoring during acquisition with one-button operation mode switch between EEG monitoring and acquisition. The system provides simple and easy feedback on impedance quality with lead connector turning green for good and red for bad. Finally flexibility of connector means that you can use EEG caps from various third party manufacturers.

Validated Performance

The Neuron Spectrum 65 has been vigorously tested to deal with electromagnetic artifacts seen in EEG as a result of electric field induced by TMS stimulus pulses. The amplifier has been designed and developed from the ground up to not only ensure low noise level performance but to recover as quick as possible from the TMS pulse, presenting outstanding immunity. As can been seen from the EEG traces above, the vertical lines indicate TMS pulses and pre- and post- EEG traces indicate no obvious signal loss/impurity. The Neuron Spectrum 65 therefore provides users the necessary amplifier performance to ensure that signals measured have actually originated in the brain.

Data Analysis

The Neuron-Spectrum 65 in combination with the state-of-the-art EEG processing software (Neuron-Spectrum.NET) provides users with not only a simple and flexible user interface but access to powerful mathematical tools- amplitude, spectral and bispectral analysis, correlation and coherent analysis, wave-let analysis, periodometric analysis, ICA, and more. the During EEG analysis, spikes, sharp waves, epileptiform discharges are detected and marked automatically in the software. The high-quality of EEG is ensured with trace smoothing. The advanced navigation features provide fast access to any fragment of EEG trace.


EEG Channels: 39
Differential Channels: 8
ECG Channel: 1
Sampling Rate: 16 kHz ± 1%
A/D Conversion: 24 Bits
Input Voltage Range: from –1.1 up to 1.1 V - can be set by the program
Input Impedance: > 100 M
External connection SpO2
Dimensions (WXDXH): (200x135x45) ± 5 mm
Weight: 767± 20 gm

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