transcutaneous Spinal Direct Current Stimulation

The only device designed for tSDCS, from the leader in non-invasive neuromodulation.

The Soterix medical tSDCS stimulator is the clinical standard when precision and safety cannot be compromised. The Soterix tSDCS stimulator is the only stimulator which accessories are specifically designed for transcutaneous Spinal Direct Current Stimulation. From cervical to lumbar targets, we provide professional advice on configuration and protocols.

transcutaneous Spinal Direct Current Stimulation device

Clinical standard for tSDCS

The most advanced, user-friendly, precise, reliable stimulator for transcutaneous spinal Direct Current Stimulation. The Soterix medical tSDCS stimulator was designed and created with the help of clinicians and researchers; it is the only stimulator specifically designed for tSDCS with one of a kind, industry leading features.

Unique tSDCS performance and features

Single device can be configured for two electrode (one anode and one cathode), three electrode (two anode and one cathode or two cathode and one anode), or four electrode (two anode and two cathode) modes.

Continuous visual indication of electrode quality before, during and after stimulation.

From pre-stimulation set-up, to post-stimulation confirmation, the Soterix Medical SMARTscan™ feature provides an intuitive and clear indication of electrode contact quality. Use the SMARTscan™ during set-up to adjust electrodes and head-gear for optimal fit. During stimulation the SMARTscan™ feature provides a constant indication of electrode quality and can be monitored during adjustments (e.g. addition of saline to drying electrodes). Post stimulation, SMARTscan™ confirms a successful trial. Because “resistance” is not meaningful in tDCS, SMARTscan™ was developed by Soterix Medical engineers to provide clinical investigators with a simple to read indication of contact quality.

Clearly indicates the actual current supplied at the moment.

What other devices promise, the Soterix tSDCS delivers. The back-lit display can be monitored at all times: pre-stimulation, stimulation, ramp-up, ramp-down to confirm status of current intensity delivered.

Supply a very weak current prior to Stimulation to help condition the skin.

TICKLE™ may be used to condition skin prior to tSDCS and for those subjects who are anxious about stimulation. A custom on-off waveform pattern generates mild and brief sensation under electrodes.

Allows the clinician to use a simple sliding bar to transiently decrease the current from the pre-set value, for example, based on subject feedback.

Based on feed-back from leading clinical centers, Soterix Medical's exclusive feature RELAX™ accommodates subjects who may be anxious when stimulation is initiated or during the course of stimulation. The RELAX™ slider may be adjusted from full to reduced intensity based on subject sensation without interrupting or aborting stimulation.

4 current settings (up to 5.5 mA) with unique power-management and automatic current reduction when poor contact conditions are detected.

Sham waveform validated with our electrodes for robust blinding of subject.

Electrodes and gear designed for reproducible tSDCS

4 duration settings (up to 20 minutes) with count-down clock display and easy-access ABORT switch.

tSDCS Accessories

Individual accessories and pre-packaged kits for tSDCS clinical trials

Soterix Medical provides a range of accessories designed to work with Soterix Medical tSDCS stimulators and optimized for clinical ease of use and safety. A basic or complete kit can be provided with each Soterix Medical stimulator. Replacement components sold separately:

tSDCS Lumbar BODYstrap

The unique Lumbar BODYstrap consists of an inner velcro lining that allows holding EASYpad-Velcro electrodes at desired lumbar locations. The strap permits full range of movement and the meshed panel design allows release of excess heat and moisture.
The strap fits waists from 32” to 50".

Lumbar Strap Kit: One BODYstrap + 4 active (5X10 cm) EASYpad-Velcro electrodes + 6 return (5X7 cm) EASYpad-Velcro electrodes

tSDCS Lumbar BODYstrap full
tSDCS Lumbar BODYstrap

tSDCS Cervical strap

The unique Cervical strap solution uses medical grade bands to hold two EASYpad electrodes on desired cervical locations. Designed for maximizing subject comfort without compromising safety and administration of tSDCS.

Cervical Strap Kit: Cervical bands+ 5 active (5X7 cm) EASYpad electrodes + 5 return (5X7 cm) EASYpad electrodes

tSDCS Cervical Strap
tSDCS Cervical Strap

tSDCS Shoulder strap

The Shoulder strap includes a translucent strap made up of a special flexible material. Simply snap on to a SNAPpad electrode to secure electrode robustly onto the shoulder. The unique non-slip design does not compromise subject comfort, or safety of administration.

Shoulder Strap kit: One Shoulder strap + 10 SNAPpad electrodes (5X7 cm)

tSDCS Shoulder Strap
tSDCS Shoulder Strap

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Soterix Medical tSDCS systems can be used in the fMRI/MRI using a unique tSDCS-MRI kit. These complete kits provide an easy solution for full integration of our tSDCS stimulator with MRI/fMRI. The setup is rated to be compatible with any sequence in a 7T machine in Normal and First Level modes.

Soterix Medical Engineers have designed the MRI/fMRI accessories while keeping in mind the subject’s safety, stimulation tolerability, and the operator's ease-of-use. The unique setup uses filters through the patch panel for exceptional RF noise control, providing unmatched reliability. Learn more...

Unique Soterix Medical IFS-MRI kit
Caution! Investigational Device. Federal (or United States) law limits device to investigational use.