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1×1 tDCS and tACS

The 1×1 line of Soterix Medical tDCS and tACS devices provide the most advanced stimulation technology in an intuitive user interface.

Learn About Soterix Medical tDCS Learn About Soterix Medical tACS Request Product Information


HD-tDCS is the only clinically validated system for non-invasive and targeted neuromodulation. HD-tDCS devices provide advanced stimulation technology in an intuitive user interface.

REMOTE Neuromodulation

Soterix Medical REMOTE Neuromodulation is the only system with devices, head-gear, and electrode designed for deployed use. Three devices are available: the compact MOBILE, the mini-CT for supervised use, and the HOME beta.

tES + Monitoring

Soterix Medical tES and HD-tES systems are fully compatible with top research-grade EEG systems. Some of them are shown below.

Other Soterix Medical Platforms