HD-Explore software

The most advanced and intuitive software to simulate brain current flow during tDCS, tES, HD-tDCS and HD-tES.

HD-Explore™ was the first commercial software for precision modeling of brain current flow during transcranial electrical stimulation. And over 5 years HD-Explore™ has continued to introduce state-of-the-art features in support of optimized tDCS, tES, HD-tDCS and HD-tES.

HD-Explore™ is protected by patents, other intellectual property rights, patents pending or other intellectual property rights pending.

Easy to use software without compromising accuracy

HD-Explore™ is the only stand-alone modeling software that provides predictions of brain current flow with equivalent accuracy to the most advanced engineering software. The reason is a breakthrough in how models are solved based on the principles of linearity and super-position. The result is that Soterix Medical HD-Explore™ is able to provide performance comparable to a team of engineers working with a super-computer for days, using a laptop in just minutes.

HD-Explore™ is the only research grade software used in hundreds of research publications including:

The same breakthrough that allows instant current flow solutions making HD-Explore™, the only software that can do simulation for any tDCS, tES, HD-tDCS and HD-tES montage.

Easy to use and intuitive interface, with just three steps to a complete answer


Select a head from the Soterix Medical library
Adult, pediatric, stroke, and custom models.

HD-Explore Head Stack


Select the HD or sponge electrode montage.

HD-Explore Electrode layout
HD-Explore Electrode layout


Visualize current flow through the head in 2D and 3D layout.

3D Current Flow Visualization

3D Current Flow Visualization

Cutting Planes

Cutting Planes

Line Export

Line Export

Sphere Export

Sphere Export

Flexibility and individualized modeling capability makes Soterix Medical HD-Explore a modeling tool-box to build on

Included in HD-Explore

Standard MNI head and three adult heads.

Standard MNI 152 and one Adult head below.

Individual modeling

Upload your MRI to our server and the model is downloaded straight to your HD-Explore license

Separate purchase required.

Acquire additional heads from the SMI library

Stroke (varied lesions)
Low/high BMI
Skull defects

Separate purchase required.

Accuracy validated in primates and non human primate subjects and equivalent performance to research grade software

Models are only as valuable as they are validated. The parameters used in HD-Explore are based on extensive validation in humans subjects and non-human primates. Making HD-Explore the most trusted stand-alone current flow modeling software.

Caution! Investigational Device. Federal (or United States) law limits device to investigational use.