A unique portal to keep track of stimulation sessions anytime and anywhere. Visualize and aggregate individual assessments. Correlate outcome progression. Provide adaptive stimulation. Highly scalable and configurable. And much more.

ElectraRx on laptop

The Soterix Medical ElectraRx solution is a revolutionary software platform connecting stimulation administrators/clinicians and individuals with the data collected from Soterix Medical neuromodulation technologies and other third-party applications.

With full interoperability and the ability to share information across systems and platforms, ElectraRx can encourage individuals to engage in self-care, helps administrators/clinicians to actively monitor sessions, reduce errors and adverse events, and encourage innovation. In a typical workflow, trial administrators/clinicians first enter individual information, then assign individual stimulation dose (when used in combination with Soterix Medical Neuromodulation device), and assign relevant self-assessments. Individuals access the ElectraRx platform with their unique login to respond to assessments, obtain stimulation session code and enter device information back into the platform.

When used in combination with Soterix Medical HealthDot and other third-party applications, individuals vital signs and other relevant data can be entered into the ElectraRx platform. Trial administrators/clinicians can now visualize outcome progression and stimulation compliance on a real-time basis, gain valuable insight from aggregated data and may choose to adjust stimulation strategy on the fly. Trial administrators/clinicians also have a full overview of all individuals’ data.

The ElectraRx solution consists of two components:

An account for clinical centers

Typical flow involves stimulation administrators/clinicians first logging into ElectraRx portal using their unique login information. The administrators then select an enrolled individual and assign appropriate stimulation dose (intensity, duration, etc.). This activates the selected individual’s account. The administrators then assign the start and end dates of stimulation and pick the individual assessments to be collected.

At all times, the administrators have real-time access to the information collected by the individual’s device. They also have access to the individual’s historical data, symptoms, stimulation regimen compliance, and warning signs.

ElectraRx for doctors and clinical trials

An account for individuals

Typical flow involves individuals first logging into the ElectraRx portal using their unique login information. The portal will ask the individual’s to answer self-assessments and clinical questionnaires- as assigned to them by the stimulation administrator/clinician.

The individual’s may be asked to perform custom tasks as guided by on-screen instructions. Individual’s then proceed to perform a stimulation session. Finally, individuals enter relevant device information into the portal. The individual’s account may also be used collect sensor data such as vital signs, mobility, etc. and data from other third-party applications.

ElectraRx on ipad for patients

ElectraRx with Remote Neuromodulation mini-CT device

Use with Remote Neuromodulation device

  • Assign subjects to default or custom stimulation protocols
  • Assign subjects to default or custom assessments
  • Assign start and end dates
  • Remotely track stimulation status and assessments anytime and anywhere.
  • Adjust stimulation strategy on the fly.
  • Remote stimulation deactivation
ElectraRx with Soterix Medical Wearable integration

Use with HealthDot and third-party apps

  • Aggregate vital signs info from HealthDot
  • Aggregate info from other apps (pain tracking-GeoPain,craving scores, depression scores, etc.)*
  • Assign subjects to default and custom assessments
  • Assign start and end dates
  • Remotely track vital signs and assessments anytime and anywhere.
  • Adjust strategy on the fly.
Caution! Investigational Device. Federal (or United States) law limits device to investigational use.

mini-CT device

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REMOTE Neuromodulation

Soterix Medical REMOTE Neuromodulation is the only system with device, accessories, and software designed for deployed use while maintaining medical standards.
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