SNAP Accessories for Remote Neuromodulation

Soterix Medical SNAPstrap headgear and SNAPpad electrodes for deployed neuromodulation

Uniquely Validated Setup

Soterix Medical SNAP headgear has been validated in dozens of studies for easy and precise electrode placement in remote settings. It is the most reliable and easy to use tES headgear for reproducibility and compliance. The setup can be fully customized for electrode size and placements to meet your requirements without compromising accuracy.

SNAPstrap Overview

The most simple and efficient system for positioning electrodes at designated locations

Developed by Soterix Medical Research, the SNAPstrap™ can be used to position Soterix Medical SNAPpads at designated tDCS/tES locations, maximizing reproducibility and subject comfort. The custom head-gear with fixed electrode sites and built-in cabling makes for a simplistic setup for 1x1 stimulation. Simply open up the pre-saturated SNAPpad™ , snap the SNAPpad™ to the cabling at the designated locations on the SNAPstrap™ , and load the SNAPstrap™ onto the head. No saturation and carbon rubber electrode setup necessary.

  • Robust designated position for easy setup
  • Simplistic self-setup (no medical official needed)
  • SNAPpad™ access during stimulation, for electrode monitoring and re-wetting during prolonged stimulation
  • Precise reproduction of electrode positioning for clinical studies

SNAPpad Overview

Pre-Saturated sponge electrodes with conductive snap rubber insets

Reliable Set-Up

SNAPpads™ are the only electrode system designed by biomedical engineers for the 1x1 platform. Designed for simplicity and consistency, for the most sensitive step in the tDCS/tES setup.

Uniform Current Delivery

Soterix Medical’s Proprietary rivet design helps to minimize current concentration at electrode edges, which can lead to current-density “hot-spots”. Uniform current density means tolerated and consistent performance.

10 - 40 Mins

Performance Over Time

SNAPpads™ are designed to provide consistent performance over the duration of a tDCS/tES session, including setup time. The hyper-absorbent material also allows supplementing saline during stimulation as needed based on feedback from the SmartScan™ device sensor.

Medical Grade

The only sponge electrode for tDCS/tES made from medical grade certified biocompatible materials (single use only). In medical settings, where safety and tolerability cannot be compromised, Soterix Medical SNAPpads™ are used.

Compatible with SNAPstrap

Stimulate any montage by selecting the appropriate SNAPstrap.

The Soterix Medical SNAPpads™ provide simple and consistent set-up. Each SNAPpad™ comes with a pre-inserted carbon rubber snap electrode that is designed to work with the SNAPpads™ and connects directly to designated electrode sites located on the SNAPstrap™. The proprietary rivet design helps to minimize current concentration at electrode edges, which can lead to current density “hot-spots”. Whereas other sponge electrodes result in current concentration at the edges leading to variable tolerability, rivets steer current uniformly across the skin surface. In addition, the sponge material is optimized for saturated skin contact for the duration of a tDCS/tES application. SNAPpads™ are compatible with Soterix Medical SNAPstraps™, allowing for accurate and reproducible sponge placement.

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Caution! Investigational Device. Federal (or United States) law limits device to investigational use.

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