Soterix Medical MEGA-TMS

Monophasic and Paired-Monophasic Transcranial Magnetic Stimulators

The most advanced TMS with unmatched strength and control

Monophasic and Paired-Monophasic Transcranial Magnetic Stimulators

Soterix Medical introduces the most advanced Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) system ever developed coupled with exceptional low electromagnetic interference and low heat output performance. The system (MEGA-TMS™) incorporates the highest maximum voltage rating capacitor (2800V) in the industry allowing generation of high power monophasic stimuli. These strong pulses ensure that evoked responses can still be elicited when coil is held at an increased distance from the scalp surface ‐ a requirement for combined TMS-EEG recordings. For standalone TMS recording, a higher maximum voltage rating not only results in good motor response at lower intensities but allows eliciting responses in people with decreased cortical excitability. Additionally, MEGA-TMS™ is the only TMS system that allows full control of device parameters using an API.

MEGA-TMS™ can be used in both single pulse mode and paired pulse modes. Two single pulses from MEGA-TMS™ stimulators can be summed to provide an industry leading single higher pulse - equal to 140% of a single MEGA-TMS™ machine.

MEGA-TMS™ can be used for a wide range of assessments ranging from Triple Stimulation Technique (TST), Resting motor threshold (RMT), Active motor threshold (AMT), Central Conduction Time (CCT), Motor evoked potential (MEP), I-O curve, Cortical Silent Period (CSP), Motor Mapping, Inter-hemispheric Stimulation, etc.

MEGA-TMS™ can be used for the typical TMS guided diagnosis, assessment and monitoring of nervous diseases.

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Experience the cutting-edge capabilities of Soterix Medical's MEGA-EMG system, employed to precisely measure contralateral silent periods induced by our state of the art MEGA-TMS system. Join us as we delve into groundbreaking research, investigating the fascinating realm of M1 corticospinal inhibition. Witness the seamless integration of these advanced technologies, shedding light on the intricate neural processes underlying motor control and cortical-spinal interactions.

Unique Features

Large bright color LCD (7-inch) to clearly display stimulation parameters.

API for full control of all device parameters available.

Combine up to 4 units to generate sophisticated pulse sequences with short inter-pulse intervals (1-999 ms)

Seamless integration with wide range of EMG and EEG equipment with minimal hardware.

Main Specifications

Peak magnetic field at 100% output

0-3.2 T (monophasic)
0-4.8 T (power monophasic)

Maximum voltage

2.8 kV (Monophasic), 2.8 kV (Twin Pulse)

Pulse rise time

80 ± 15 µs (monophasic), 120 ± 15 µs (power monophasic)

Maximum repetition rate

30% - 0.7s, 50% - 1s, 75% - 2s, 100% - 3.3s

Stimulus intensity

0-100% Adjustable

Inter-pulsed interval for paired stimulation

1 ms - 999 ms (1 ms step)
1ms - 99.9 ms (0.1 ms step)


6 different types supported

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MEGA-TMS by Soterix Medical is United States FDA 510(k) cleared.