SMI USB Trigger Interface

MATLAB based Triggering Interface for Soterix Medical tDCS and High definition tES (HD-tES)

SMI USB Trigger Interface

Product Information


The Soterix Medical USB Trigger Interface incorporates special driver technology for highly accurate performance despite the USB interface. You can run your stimulus software on any supported computer and send triggers via the stimulus computers USB port. This specialized port is directly supported in Presentation, SuperLab and MATLAB DAQ Toolbox, and it has been tested and verified to perform with no more latency or jitter than a PCI parallel port on Windows computer.

What's included

1 USB Triggering Interface

Tech Specs


Length: 88 mm
Width: 85 mm
Height: 37 mm

Manual & Specifications


The USB Trigger Interface is compatible with the following Soterix Medical devices: 1 x 1 tES, MxN-5, MxN-9, MxN-33, Galvanic Vestibular, Animal DCS and custom devices.

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