Validated Integration of tDCS/tES and HD-tES with fNIRS

Soterix Medical provides integration of HD-tDCS with research grade fNIRS technologies.

HD-tES + fNIRS (functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy) head gear

HD-tES integration with Artinis shown

Seamless Integration

The fNIRS and HD-tES systems are integrated seamlessly in a convenient head-gear. Our stimulation holders can be inserted into any desired location on the fNIRS cap. Additionally, customization options for the stimulation holders are available to fit different trial needs.

The systems are designed to minimize complexity while focusing on brain regions of interest. Our exclusive HD-NIRS insert is the only integrated stimulation and recording plastic holder.

Modular and High Density

The hybrid system is highly modular and allows up to 32 HD stimulation and 100+ fNIRS channels.

Soterix Medical Neurotargeting software allows precise current navigation for proper electrode placement. Since tDCS can produce changes in skin blood flow, proper experimental design and signal processing is critical for meaningful data. For immediate set-up and quality recording, Soterix Medical biomedical engineers are available to provide guidance through every step.

Caution! Investigational Device. Federal (or United States) law limits device to investigational use.