tDCS, tES, HD-tDCS and HD-tES planning and current flow visualization software.

License information


HD-Explore comes in three editions: Standard, Premium, and Pro. They share common features, but Premium and Pro have additional features.


Features License Type
Pro Premium Standard
Custom Modeling Solutions
3 Adult Heads + 1 MNI 152 Head
3D view of segmentation masks of all tissues
3D solid surface and transparent surface views of current flow
Cutting plane and opacity functions for enhanced visualization and post-processing
Compatible with all Soterix Medical HD-tDCS/tES and 1x1 tDCS/tES devices
Model any tDCS, tES, HD-tDCS or HD-tES montage
Validated parameters
Export electric field intensity values for post processing
Extra-cephalic electrodes for tDCS/tES montages
Flexibility to save tDCS/tES and HD-tDCS/HD-tES montages
Export high resolution 3D images
Perpetual License and free upgrades to the latest version for the lifetime of the product
Lifetime technical support
5 individualized custom head models* Available for purchase
10 additional individualized custom head models* Available for purchase Available for purchase

* High resolution MRI scans are needed