The NIRSIT Software


Soterix Medical functional NIRSIT EYE PC

The NIRSIT EYE PC tool is a measurement software that comes with all of our NIRSIT devices. It helps save the measured data and change or extract the data into a functional CSV format. The NIRSIT EYE PC can receive external event markers from other task programs. The tool also synchronizes the data with markers and changes the data to a suitable data form for analysis.

  • Start and end measurements, set tasks and set filters.
  • Three visualization modes: 3D brain mode, time series mode, and 2D map mode
  • Replay previous measurements.
  • Convert database file to CSV file

NIRSIT Analysis Tool and Post Processing

Soterix Medical functional NIRSIT Analysis Tool and Post Processing

NIRSIT Analysis Tool provides a variety of functions that allow you to easily analyze and process measured data in real time. Proprietary analysis tool that is easy-to-use and includes typical fNIRS analysis:

  • Signal processing with band pass filter and motion artifact removal algorithm
  • 2D and 3D activation maps
  • Block averaging and feature extraction
  • GLM and SPM analysis

Task Mode

fNIRS NIRSIT Software - Task Mode

Monitor the level and distribution of subject’s cerebral oxygen saturation while performing pre-programmed tasks.

  • Cognitive: N-Back, Arithmetic and Stroop
  • Behavioral: Balance, Squat and Knee bending

Monitoring Mode

fNIRS NIRSIT Software - Measure

Perform real-time cerebral oxygen saturation monitoring in two modes:

  • 3D mode: Monitor HbO2, HbR or HbT on a 3D brain model
  • Time Series mode: Monitor Hb02 and HbR changes in a transient graph on a channel by channel basis.

NIRSIT by OBELAB is exclusively distributed in the US and Canada by Soterix Medical.

Caution! Investigational Device. Federal (or United States) law limits device to investigational use.