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Soterix Medical Announces development and testing of HD-tDCS platform for Covid-19 ICU patients in agreement with the Brazilian Government of Paraiba

New York City –Jul 05, 2021

Soterix Medical Inc. the global leader in non-invasive stimulation and synergistic brain imaging technologies, announces an agreement with the Brazilian Government of Paraiba, State Department of Health (SES), for developing technology to assist patients under intensive care with Covid-19. The research is based on Soterix Medical’s proprietary High-Definition transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (HD-tDCS) platform, which is the only non-invasive and targeted electrical cortical stimulation technology.

The neurostimulation work will be carried out with Covid-19 patients admitted to the intensive care units (ICU) of regional medical centers, over an initial period of 6 months. According to the Secretary of Health, Geraldo Medeiros “what is expected is that the use of these devices will make the evolution and convalescence of these critically ill patients who are admitted to the ICU shorter and with fewer sequelae.”

Mr. Kamran Nazim, Chief Product Officer of Soterix Medical adds, "Soterix Medical’s technology has a global reach, consistent with our mission to develop noninvasive drug-free technologies for neurological disorders. This effort in Covid ICU patients leverages a unique aspect of HD-tDCS - a portable, battery-powered head-gear that allows focal transcranial targeting of brain regions.”

According to the State Department of Health Education advisor, Vanessa Cintra, with the research, Paraiba begins to open a range of treatment possibilities for patients with Covid-19 and even for post-covid patients and the repercussions of disease. Cintra adds “This is innovative research, but all the scientific evidence shows that there is no adverse effect and it does not hinder the treatment. It is an adjuvant treatment.”

The clinical trial leadership team includes Dr. Suellen Andrade of the Federal University of Paraiba who indicates “Our decision to work with Soterix Medical was based on the ability to used HD-tDCS in complex setting such as the Covid ICU, while allowing targeting activation of brain regions supporting recovery from Covid. Soterix Medical brings a world-class reputation to this advanced clinical trial.”

This effort builds on parallel trials by Soterix Medical to reduce the burden of Covid-19 including to address post-COVID neurological and psychiatric symptoms using at-home neuromodulation and home-based neuromodulation for depression.

CAUTION: Soterix Medical HD-tDCS platform is limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use only.

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