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Soterix Medical Announces award of DARPA Phase-2 contract to develop a novel modality for information transfer

New York City –Aug 03, 2021

Soterix Medical Inc. (SMI), a global leader in non-invasive stimulation and synergistic technologies, announced today that it has been awarded a $1.48 million contract from Defense Advanced Research Program Agency (DARPA) to fully develop a technology for information transfer using alternative sensory modalities. This new technology solves a long-standing problem that US warfighters have been struggling with for decades. Whether it be a covert nighttime mission, a loud firefight with enemy forces or a difficult operation in a degraded visual environment (DVE) communication can be very difficult when visual or auditory signaling is impossible. The Phase-2 contract follows a Phase-1 contract that successfully validated the utility of this technology in university students in collaboration with the University of Colorado. This novel modality is based on a non-invasive electrical stimulation technique called Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation (GVS) that stimulates the vestibular nerve through the skin at the side of the head (mastoids). The Phase-2 contract involves collaborators from the University of Colorado, Tufts University, and Ohio State University. SMI will develop a commercial version of the device, known as the Spatial Positioning Actionable Intelligence Tool Leveraging: Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation (SPAITL:GVS TM) and complete certification testing. Validation testing will be performed in both university students and warfighters.

Mr. Yishai Valter, R&D Engineer, explains “This wearable device will be eyes-free, ears-free, and hands-free. Built-in Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) integration will enable a commander to send messages from a distance to troops on a mission. It will be optimized for use by fighters in all environments and situations.”

“We are extremely pleased to have received this contract from DARPA. Soterix Medical is renowned for developing and commercializing innovative solutions and this award is a reflection of recognition of our commitment. Besides information transfer capability, we will also test GVS utility to mitigate motion sickness as part of developing a dual-use technology “ said Dr. Abhishek Datta, Scientist and CTO of SMI and Principal Investigator of the contract.

Soterix Medical already provides unique GVS technology to the investigational research market. The Soterix Medical GVS platform is the only system integrating optimized Vestibular HD electrodes, ergonomic headgear, and advanced waveform controls. The successful completion of this project will complete the development of a wearable, wireless GVS system offering a new set of capabilities for GVS research.

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