tDCS Accessories

Effective and safe tDCS begins with the recognition that “one size does not fit all” and the selection of the right stimulator and accessories. Soterix Medical tDCS accessories are compatible with any 1x1 stimulator and provide clinical investigators with unparalleled control, reproducibility, and simple set-up.

tDCS with Soterix Medical begins with our unique EASYpads™, the first electrode optimized for tDCS for comfortable and consistent stimulation. EASYpads™ are provided in single use packets, or integrated in EASYkits™ with everything you need for one or five tDCS sessions. EASYpads™ are positioned on the head using Elastic Fasteners or exclusive Soterix EASYstraps™. From carrying cases to break-out boxes, using a Soterix 1x1 tDCS devise provides you access to the most advanced family of accessories either to optimize your study or upgrade your system.

Contact Soterix Medical biomedical engineers to determine the optimal accessories for your clinical trial:

Email: Accessories Assistance

Soterix EASYpads™

Sponge electrodes with conductive rubber insets

Designed for convenience and patient comfort, Soterix EASYpads™ provide more safe and reliable electrodes when used as indicated. Soterix EASYpads™ available in four standard sizes (5x5, 5x7, 5x10, 10x10 cm) or custom sizes to order. Disposable EASYpads™ replacements can be purchased in economical packages of 100.

  1. Simple and consistent set-up. Each EASYpads™ receives a rubber inset that is connected to a 1x1 tDCS device.
  2. Proprietary rivet design to minimize current concentration at electrode edges leading to current-density “hot-spots”.
  3. Optimized sponge material for saturated skin contact for the duration of a tDCS application.
  4. Compatibility with Soterix EASYstraps™. Allowing accurate and reproducible sponge placement.

Optimized Soterix Sponge electrodes

Soterix Elastic fasteners

with plastic joints for simple positioning of electrodes on the head

Soterix Medical Elastic Fastener can be used to position Soterix EASYpads™ comfortably and simply on the head. All head sizes and most standard electrode positions can be accommodated with single re-usable fastener kit. Designed for simple and rapid set-up, the Elastic Fasteners provide tremendous flexibility in positioning with adjustable plastic joints. Each Elastic Fastener kit comes with two bands and two plastic joints.

Soterix EASYstrap™

The most accurate and fast system for positioning electrodes at standard locations

Developed by Soterix Medical Research, the EASYstrap™ can be used to position Soterix EASYpads™ at standard tDCS locations, maximizing reproducibility and subject comfort. The custom head-gear with engraved land-mark finder and ruler makes the EASYstrap™ the simplest system to use for tDCS. Simply identify the standard tDCS electrode locations, snap in the EASYpads™, and secure the EASYstrap™ to the subjects head with a single safety buckle click. Additional EASYstrap™ benefits include:

  • Robust fixed position, even under moderate subject motion
  • EASYpads™ access during stimulation, for electrode monitoring and re-wetting during prolonged application
  • Precise reproduction of electrode positioning for clinical studies

The EASYstrap™ is engineered in three sizes (specify xS, S, M, L) and buckle types (specify Safety Buckle, Velcro).


Everything you need for a complete tDCS session

Focus on your patients and protocol, not on your supply cabinet. Soterix Medical tDCS EASYkits™ include everything you need for a complete tDCS session in a compact container. Simple and compatible with all Soterix Medical 1x1 Stimulators and Accessories and includes Soterix Medical EASYPads™.
Soterix Medical EASYkits™ are being used across both large trials where reproducibility across repetitions and sites is key, and smaller treatment protocols where EASYkits™ remove the need to keep stock of fluid and other supplies.

Soterix Medical EASYkits™ have been specially created to cater to commonly used tDCS protocols. Typically trials are either 1 session or 5 sessions (1 week).

  • The 1-session EASYkit™ comprises the disposable saturation container, 100 ml saline, 1 syringe, 2 cotton swab sticks, and 2 EASYpads™.
  • The 5-session EASYkit™ comprises the disposable saturation container, a plastic bowl, 500 ml saline, 5 syringes, 10 cotton swab sticks, and 10 EASYpads™. For a weeklong trial, each 5 session EASYkit™ can be conveniently assigned to a specific subject. This helps you in keeping track of remaining sessions for the subject as you use up the supplies.

EasyKit One Session

EasyKit five Session


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Soterix EASYcase™

Transport cases and mobile workstations
Soterix Medical EASYcase™ is more than just the safest way to protect all you devices and accessories. Combined with Soterix Medical EASYkits™, each EASYcase™ is also a mobile workstation with direct access to all the equipment, cables and electrodes.

  • EASYcase™ 1x1: Safely and conveniently holds one 1×1 tDCS or LTE™ device and the accessory bag.

  • EASYcase™ Accessory Bag: Contains upto 15 one session or 3 five session tDCS kits or 100 count Soterix EASYpads™

  • EASYcase™ CT: Safely and conveniently holds one 1×1 CT device and the accessory bag.

tDCS Software

Optimization of electrode montage for brain targeting and individual subject customization has never been as easier as with Soterix Medical's Neurotargeting software. With recognition that placing an electrode "over" a target does not support rational tDCS does design, the Soterix Medical Suite of software tools allow simple and automatic optimization. Soterix Neurotargeting software also provides high-resolution current flow visualization that can be used to support publications, presentation and proposals.

Caution! Investigational Device. Federal (or United States) law limits device to investigational use.