Clinical Neuromodulation CART

Accessible storage of all of your conventional and HD tDCS/tES devices and accessories.

Clinical Neuromodulation CART

Product Information


The Clinical Neuromodulation CART is designed to allow accessible storage for all your tDCS devices and accessories. 1x1 tDCS and HD-tES are medical devices and no company has the depth of experience as Soterix Medical does in designing tDCS devices and accessories that provide the highest level of rigor and control. The Clinical Neuromodulation Cart is the only portable station designed from the ground up to allow safe and consistent tDCS/HD-tES application. Clinical Neuromodulation Cart allows you to focus on the subject with everything you need close at hand and stocked. Reinforced plastic protects your equipment from unexpected bumps while the key code digital lock provides security against tampering.

The Clinical Neuromodulation CART includes an adjustable bin system that can be customized to your needs and integrated with all Soterix Medical accessories. Our customer support team is ready to design your custom Clinical Neuromodulation Cart system for you.

What's included

1 Clinical Neuromodulation CART

Tech Specs

Materials: Formed steel, aluminum, heavy-duty polymer work surface/end panels

Size:  31.5 in, 24 in , 43.75 in

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