Soterix Medical Neuronavigation

Neuronavigation to precisely and accurately position your TMS coil or electrodes for HD-tES.

The most precise, reliable, and consistent image-guided navigation by Neural Navigator.

TMS Neuronavigation

TMS induces focused electrical current in desired brain regions via brief, time-varying magnetic fields produced by a coil, which is typically hand-held. The precise and reliable positioning of this coil is not a trivial task. A millimeter displacement from a specified target location may potentially compromise your results. Further, no two brains are alike; therefore coil placement simply based on head shape alone (‘5cm rule’) or the International 10-20 EEG is often ineffective. The Neural Navigator navigation system provides unmatched precision in positioning the TMS coil over a specified target based on an individual’s MRI. Desired brain targets can be identified by manually selecting them or by combining with fMRI determined regions of activity in real time.

HD-tES Neuronavigation

Soterix Medical High-Definition transcranial Electrical Stimulation (HD-tES) is a non-invasive technique where desired brain regions are targeted using arrays of scalp electrodes. Soterix Medical neurotargeting software HD-Targets leverages mathematical optimization to automatically determine the best HD electrode configuration for any target. For patient-specific optimization, localizing the HD sites onto the patients’ scalp based on patient’s MRI ensures precise electrode placement. This, as a result, ensures precise and consistent HD-tES application. HD-tES NEuronavigation can be performed in 3 easy steps:

1) Use HD-Targets to determine optimal electrode placement for your brain target.

2) Load stimulation electrode voxel locations into Neural navigator software.

3) Navigate to stimulation electrode location using individual's MRI and mark location on scalp.


  • Precision of 4mm or better.
  • Spatial accuracy better than 1 mm.
  • Universal TMS compatibility with coil sockets available for Magstim, Magventure, and Neurosoft TMS coils. Customization available for TMS coil from other manufacturers.
  • Import of standard MRI data types (Nifti, Analyze, and DICOM).
  • 3D MR constructed scalp, brain and activation (fMRI) data.
  • Intuitive software workflow.
  • Complete setup fits in a small suitcase making it ideal for bed-side investigation and easy transportation.


Upon request, Soterix Medical support team can provide assistance and advice in MR image processing and MRI data quality inspection.

Neural Navigator by Brain Science Tools BV is exclusively distributed in the US and Canada by Soterix Medical

Caution! Investigational Device. Federal (or United States) law limits device to investigational use.