Latest technology updates in Neuromodulation and Neuromonitoring: Brain Stimulation Conference 2023

Date and Time: Tuesday, February 21st, 2023 at 7:30 am

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

This workshop is focused on updating the audience on the latest technology updates for all our technologies culminating in a 25-minute product demonstration. Beginning with safe and tolerable high-intensity current delivery for single channel tES devices, 129 channel High-Definition option, Interferential Stimulation, to taVNS. In addition, updates on High Definition ECT, latest TPS research, integration options with EEG, fNIRS, and fMRI will be provided.




6th International Conference on Transcranial Brain Stimulation (TBS) 2016

Event Time Sep 7-10, 2016
Event Location Georg-August-University, Gottingen, Germany
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Conference Overview

After the success of the first three meetings in Gottingen, the fourth in Rome and the fifth in Leipzig, the organizers are happy to host the sixth meeting again in Gottingen. Non-invasive brain stimulation techniques have proven their potential to modulate brain activity in both healthy subjects and patients with neurological or psychiatric diseases. Recent multimodal approaches combining non-invasive brain stimulation with neuroimaging methods have greatly stimulated research in the field of neuroimaging and are continuously providing novel insights into the functional relevance and plasticity of brain networks. We will address the continuous need to bring together knowledge from basic neurophysiological science with clinical demands to further advance the field.

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