Latest technology updates in Neuromodulation and Neuromonitoring: Brain Stimulation Conference 2023

Date and Time: Tuesday, Feb 21st, 2023

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

This workshop is focused on updating the audience on the latest technology updates for all our technologies culminating in a 25-minute product demonstration. Beginning with safe and tolerable high-intensity current delivery for single channel tES devices, 129 channel High-Definition option, Interferential Stimulation, to taVNS. In addition, updates on High Definition ECT, latest TPS research, integration options with EEG, fNIRS, and fMRI will be provided.





Event Time October 18-20, 2018
Event Location Centre Hospitalier Le Vinatier, Lyon, France
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Conference Overview

The 3rd European Conference on Brain Stimulation in Psychiatry (ECBSP)provides a comprehensive overview of the latest advances in this field, spanning basic mechanistic research in the laboratory and practical therapeutic application in the clinic. ECBSP aims to promote collaboration between European clinicians and researchers working on advancing brain stimulation in psychiatry.

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